Startup Exhibitors at Driving the Future of Digital Health

  • Care Relay

    CareRelay is an app that supports you and your family in managing care for your loved ones.

  • ConnexHealth

    ConnexHealth offers integrated, innovative health technology designed to provide safe and affordable care. Improving access to quality health providers and variety resources; a service prioritizing the needs of the clients and our communities.



  • Ellerca Health

    Ellerca Health empowers newly diagnosed patients and caregivers to help understand their illness by addressing the most critical issues they face, keeping them adherent and engaged in managing their health, so that they can focus on achieving better health outcomes.

  • Empower Health

    We are a team of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals here to provide you with best, customized and thorough integrated approach to health care. Our practitioners work together as a supportive team. We share patient charts, consult with each other and develop integrated programs for you and the community.

  • Health Espresso

    We leverage technology to promote prevention by virtually monitoring patient’s medication adherence and tracking their body readings to reduce critical health events leading to hospital admissions.

  • ORCHID Analytics

    We are a small, partner-driven organization motivated to contribute our knowledge and expertise to improve healthcare delivery. We develop long-term relationships with clients and deliver comprehensive service.

Driving the Future